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“THE BLACKPACK", the new must-have of MAURO GOVERNA: a limited edition of man backpacks designed in collaboration with the creative director Mattia Rossi.
The intention is to join the excellence of leather, craftsmanship and tradition to style and practicality.
The result is the creation of a product presented in 9 versions of materials that forms 3 micro-worlds: crocodile, python and ostrich. The hyphen, the base and the frame between these materials, are the precious calf leather and neo-prene, a technical fabric, merging in an entirely new harmony.
"Luxury embraces practicality, but above all the needs of our target."
Once nylon backpack has married the era of "walking newyorker", MGM-BP rides now the "smart luxe" one, where luxury joins comfort and functionality, just like the precious leathers comes together with  technical materials, breathable and reflective, in a mix of style and personality.
The end result is a truly unique object.
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