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When sports goes hand-in-hand with elegance. Built along the soft lines of a practical but sophisticated bag, Wimbledon recalls, in its shape, the tennis bags of days gone by. The insets make it inimitable, and the crocodile skin makes this saddle bag a perfect synthesis of style and originality.
The 80s welcomed this bag with open arms, but the following decades have continued to keep it in hand.

The clean lines, the minimalist form and the powerful details make Patty a bag whose prestige goes along with a discreet sobriety, light yet well-defined at the same time. A bag to display gently that stands out simply through its soft skins and precise curves. The buckle and the insets appear like jewels. Patty is for a true woman.

Cold looks towards the East. It is distinguished by a cool elegance. And yet, like all Mauro Governa bags, it is able to transmit the warmth of high-quality skins: ostrich that folds itself into feminine forms. Sophisticated, simple, defined. Timeless, like only true elegance can be, and harmonious, like music that comes from afar.

Mauro Governa innovates: with Ebano it experiments with a new type of manufacturing, called “moccasinstyle,” that displays the other side of leather. Metallic insets and pockets, almost like a garment, contribute to further enriching an object already distinguished by its sobriety and adaptability. Warm like wood, captivating in its determination.

As minimalist as elegance can be. Opus manages to distinguish itself by a simplicity and formal cleanness unique to its kind. The structure curves but does not cave under resistance: the four sides give it a firm but welcoming style. The metallic inset is like a necklace, while the leather dives into itself. The artisan work stands out, as does the design.
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